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Notice: The Seattle Foot and Ankle Clinic will be closing on March 17th. Therefore, Dr. Newell will be going on a sabbatical, but continuing his research on how the foot affects the back. He is unsure if he will return to practice podiatry. You may obtain a copy of your chart by calling 206-527-4177. For continuity of care you can make an appointment with Dr. Erik Lilja who will be moving to a UW Medical Clinic in the Fremont area, by calling that same number, or a podiatrist of your choice. You may check this website for further developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my podiatrist a doctor?

Yes. The United States offers many degrees that earn the title Doctor.  The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree is one of those degrees.

Is my podiatrist a physician?

Yes.  The United States only recognizes three doctoral degrees with the designation “physician.”  Individuals with the DPM, MD and/or DO degree(s) may appropriately be referred to as physicians.

Is my podiatrist a surgeon?

Yes, yours happens to be.  Surgeons are physicians who have received specialized post doctoral education specifically in the rendering of surgical care.

Does my podiatric surgeon operate in a hospital?

Yes, your surgeon was educated in a hospital and is very familiar with that environment.  Most of our outpatient and all of our inpatient surgeries occur in local hospitals.  Please see your specific surgeon’s profile for the hospitals at which they maintain privileges.

What kind of training does a surgical podiatrist go through?

Four years of medical school at an accredited US College of Podiatric Medicine.
The curriculum is allopathic in structure and substance, as is the education of US MDs.  A residency experience follows the medical education.  This experience is a hospital based, multi-specialty integrated and hands-on experience that prepares your surgeon to handle the unique challenges of a surgical career in the comtemporary medical setting.  Surgical podiatrists routinely work with ER physicians, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, general surgeons and orthopedic surgeons during the care of any particular case.

Will my MD or DO physician refer me to a podiatrist?

Certainly.  We have a referral basis that includes pediatricians, generalists, internists, rheumatologists, orthopedists, and family practice physicians among others.

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