Stanley G. Newell, DPM, PS

Notice: The Seattle Foot and Ankle Clinic will be closing on March 17th. Therefore, Dr. Newell will be going on a sabbatical, but continuing his research on how the foot affects the back. He is unsure if he will return to practice podiatry. You may obtain a copy of your chart by calling 206-527-4177. For continuity of care you can make an appointment with Dr. Erik Lilja who will be moving to a UW Medical Clinic in the Fremont area, by calling that same number, or a podiatrist of your choice. You may check this website for further developments.

We Love Feet

We are often asked why we are in the feet business. Our simple answer is that sick feet are attached to healthy people! We get to work with some of the most motivated and exciting patients in medicine. Our good outcomes result in patients returning to beloved activities and sometimes exceeding their performance goals.

Each foot is unique and we enjoy the challenge of “walking” our patients through the process of recovery from everything from a minor problem causing an inconvenience to major surgical reconstruction.

  • We love feet because they are attached to wonderful people!
  • We love feet because they provide the foundation for our bodies!
  • We love feet because they are an engineering marvel!
  • We love feet because they reflect the health of the entire body – dermatological, musculoskeletal, neurological and vascular systems.
  • We love feet because they help people fulfill their dreams.

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